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Los Angeles

Alex, writer and producer, has been making music with two of his brothers remotely for over fifteen years. Avoiding the mainstream rap sound altogether, he performs lyrical flows over inspired, melodic, and experimental beats that all come from his brother Ry.

After recording and producing his first 5-track EP in late 2016, Alex spent eighteen months on his next project: a 17-track debut LP called PARALLAX.

In February 2020, Alex and his brothers released a joint project inspired by much of their early work and collaboration efforts. The Trip Album was an 8-track project that pushed the boundaries of what the trio could accomplish remotely.

Blueshift hit the streamers in January 2021, and was likely the most cohesive project yet. The dark electronic beats and relentless flows take you on a wild journey with pop culture samples providing connective tissue and comic relief along the way.

Alex's next project, Ricochet, dropped June 11, 2021 as a 3-track EP (though the music platforms considered it a single). Ricochet was a preview of what's to come with refined vocal delivery, better hooks, and a new sound that Alex's fans seemed to love in the track Zonin'.

Fast forward to the present, and Alex just released the first single Donuts from his brand new unreleased album. His next single Second Nature is pegged for November 29, while his new 11-track album Lakewood is set for December 6.

Alex continues to generate thousands of streams and has brought in fans from around the world.

"Camp’s lyrics are those of confidence, ambition, and ascension set to a flow that is crisp and clean."

Ionas Finser, Please Pass the Indie ➔

"Alex has an unconventional rap signature that makes him above par and engaging.

Daniel Hoyt, Indie Spoonful ➔

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